My happy place is the outdoors, especially by the sea and I have found myself foraging and exploring rock pools ever since I was a child. 

My other passion is cooking and when my two loves unfolded organically in my own kitchen… it made perfect sense to combine them and use the opportunity to share my knowledge.

I studied yoga and have over 20 years of teaching experience. I have also spent time studying and exploring other forms of holistic healing and wish to embark on a journey sharing my knowledge in this field. I often collaborate with other teachers and I run various holistic adventure programs.

Our Experiences

Join me for a sustainable-seaside-foraging workshop. Learn about edible seaweed, mussles, periwinkle and alikreukel. Harvest your own, learn to clean, find out how to prepare and store, plus cook what you’ve ingathered. Lets have foraging-fun and feast together.

Seaweed is the new superfood packed with vitamins, iodine and minerals! It is super effective in assisting with thyroid function and it tastes good too!