Edible Shores offers an incredible experience in Pringle Bay, Cape Town, tying into this sentiment. Coastline Foraging. Collect seaweeds, mussels, alikreukel and much more with Carmen Burls as she guides you through the steps to sustainable harvesting. Carmen’s passion for the ocean and cooking dates back to early childhood and her enthusiasm is contagious.

‘Ethical is the new black’ – Forageandsustain.com
March 7th (Tues) & 21st (Tues)

The Coastline Foraging Experiences have closed for the winter season.  The harvesting months begin in December and run until the end of March.  Times are based on the tides.

Join Carmen Burls for a 5-hour Coastline Foraging Experience you will never forget. Geared for all ages the experience includes exploration of rock pools, wading in to collect your mussels and other molluscs, then back to the Edible Shores Kitchen to clean, prepare and enjoy the spoils. You will learn about sustainable collecting, how to identify what you can and cannot remove.