Edible Shores in Pringle Bay, Cape Town, encapsulates an extraordinary experience that resonates with this sentiment. Participants engage in coastline foraging, gathering seaweeds, mussels, alikreukel, and other treasures under the expert guidance of Carmen Burls. Her lifelong passion for the ocean and culinary arts is infectious, making her a true alchemist of the sea.

‘Ethical is the new black’ – Forageandsustain.com
March 7th (Tues) & 21st (Tues)

The Coastline Foraging Experiences are on hiatus during the winter, resuming their enriching sessions from November to March, with schedules tailored to the tidal patterns.

Embark on a memorable 5-hour journey with Carmen Burls at Coastline Foraging, suitable for all age groups. This immersive adventure includes scouring rock pools, wading to harvest mussels and other molluscs, followed by a session in the Edible Shores Kitchen where you’ll clean, cook, and savor your finds. It’s an educational experience that teaches the principles of sustainable foraging and the essentials of ecological harvesting.